HORROR PRIOR TO THE HOLIDAYS : Submit your Monsters epic and legendary cards


Hi there ! i'm Pierre :)

A 28 year old French guy trying to do his way in the WEB and APP
development since a couple of years now.

A few days ago i saw someone asking for a card editor and i decided to give it a try.

I worked from christmas to new year's eve putting a lot of efforts and time to create this site,
extracting the assets from the game client and editing all of it
to make the nice card editor you have today.

I'm handling the hosting/maintenance costs by myself without any advertising
so if you're willing to help this site or just want to pay me a coffee
don't hesitate to use the button below !

If you can't donate, please simply consider to share your best cards creations with the world,
it will already mean a lot to me if this site become something !

You can also check my others projects at owmince.com,
there is a nice thing for your favorite Twitch streamers :)


If you want to contact me:

click here to see my email

And if you like drawing (like me :D), check out my last one
based on The Witcher universe !