**Doomed** **Organic** **Semi-inorganic** **Sentient** **Female** ______ **Deploy**: Gain 5 **Armor (pierceable)** and 5 **Armor (unpierceable)**. **Destroy** a **Gluten-Intolerant** enemy. If the destroyed enemy is **Dual-Wielding**, summon a Chort (token) and give it **Brave**: 5 and the following tags: **Doomed**, **Persistent**, **Insistent**, **Resistant** and **Consistent**. The Chort gains the text "Cannot be consumed, unless it's in the enemy graveyard. If it is consumed while in the enemy graveyard, boost its consumer by 0.5 point (rounded down) instead" ______ **Deathwhisper**: If any gold on the board exceeds 3 power, destroy them